About Me.

Tessa Jol

Photographer, Journalist and Media agent


A picture says more than a thousand words. With my photography I can enliven any campaign in any (charity) organization.

With my work I try to emphasize the beauty of everyday life, the miracles of nature, power and positivity in every individual. I hope to touch something within people by bringing awareness about what’s often regarded as insignificant or less important.

I studied Psychology and graduated in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, was trained to become editor-in-chief and worked for years as the coördinator for the biggest interior magazine of Holland, VT Wonen.

In 1997 I decided to switch careers to photography and journalism, hoping to do more meaningful work this way. After studying photography at the Photography Academy Amsterdam and at The London College of Printing I specialized in portraits and documentaries about travel, interiors, charities, NGO’s and sustainable and meaningful subjects.

In general I work as a NGO and Media specialist with more then 20 years of experience in photography, journalism, media agency & consultancy. As a photographer and journalist I have documented many projects for NGO’s, charities and businesses concerned with sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and such.

Throughout the years I have also passionately produced travel and interior reportages for magazines and tourist boards.

Due to my former job as managing editor my network within the media world is fast. I am a connector, a storyteller with the skills to find a unique angle to turn stories into actual publications. In my role as (Charity) Media Agent, I connect charities and NGO’s to media contacts, ensuring branding and publications within a variety of magazines.

My motto: “Good things come to those who make them happen.” I like to help other people and want to contribute to a better, healthier and more loving world.

More then 15 years of travel and photography filled my archive with so many beautiful pictures. I thought it would be great if more people could enjoy them. I selected the most beautiful pictures of my photo projects to create unique pieces of art for the Mindful Living Art Collection. Real pictures of real stories mounted on eco bamboo. This year 10% of the proceeds of every Mindful Living Art photo I will donate to Habitat for Humanity.

-Tessa Jol