Whilst running around the Houtrak Golfcourse taking pictures and collecting quotes for my article about the first Ryder Cup in Amsterdam I was glad to bump into Fleur van der Bij of the charity DON (Diabetes Research Holland).

The members of both WTC Business Club Schiphol and Amsterdam where given the opportunity to donate to DON by buying one golf ball or more and beat ‘the Pro’. The goal? Aiming for the ‘Neary’ (closest ball to the pin) and the chance to win a suit or dress gift voucher.  As Fleur explains: “It was a great success. Due to the social setting almost everyone felt like buying some balls and beat the Pro.

It is always a pleasant, sportive and uplifting atmosphere with many people who like to contribute to our organisation.” With our experience at the DON Masters, our yearly event, we fit well at prestigious golf-events like the Ryder Cup. A great example of blending charity and business.