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Photographer - Journalist

Storyteller - PR/Media Agent

Holistic Art Teacher 

Some people call me 'Mother with a Mission’, since I like to spread awareness via my work as a storyteller. My birth name is Tessa Jol, my Budddhist name is ‘Radiant child of the Heart’.

There is no way to Happiness,

Happiness is the way!

I am a photographer, journalist/storyteller and PR/media agent based in Amsterdam. More then 20 years I have captured stories of meaningful projects for NGO’s and travel-, interior-, life style- and spiritual magazines. With my photography I emphasize the beauty of everyday life, the miracles of nature, power and positivity. I hope to touch something within people by bringing awareness about what’s often regarded as insignificant or less important. 


Within my daily life I try to live in a mindful way from a Buddhist perspective. I love to be in nature whilst walking, gardening, sailing or skiing. Besides that I have a passion for sculpturing and golf, my ultimate mindful practices. And I am the lucky mother of three daughters: Iris, Juna and Lima who sheer up our house with our sweet dog Zoë.


By nature I am a connector, a matchmaker and a storyteller with the skills to find a unique angle to turn stories into actual publications. In my role as PR/Media Agent I connect NGO’s and idealistic organizations to media contacts, ensuring branding and publications within a variety of magazines. As a matchmaker I bring people and companies together whenever I feel a synergy could emerge.

I studied Psychology and graduated in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, was trained to become editor-in-chief and worked for years as the coördinator for a Dutch Interior Magazine. In 1997 I decided to switch careers to photography and journalism, hoping to do more meaningful work this way. At the Photography Academy Amsterdam and at The London College of Printing I specialized in social-, travel- and lifestyle photography.


After many years of travel, whilst visiting spiritual retreats and meaningful projects, I filled my archive with so many beautiful pictures. I thought it would be great if more people could enjoy them. I selected photos which radiated an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for the ultimate meditation environment and created the Mindful Living Art Collection. Over the last years I have added many enchanting photos of all meaningful projects and created unique pieces of art.


I like to help other people, with a focus on children, since they are our future. With my work I hope to contribute to a better, healthier and more loving world. My motto: 'Good things come to those who make them happen. In 2022 I graduated as a Holistic Art Teacher for children and love to share my spiritual knowledge and retreat experiences with them in combination with intuitive drawing and painting.  Besides that I am trained to become a Kieswijs study-advisor for upcoming students in the Netherlands. 

My motto:

'Good things come to those

who make them happen.'

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