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PR ambassador

D/DOCK & Furnify

Since 2018, I have contributed to D/DOCK Design Studio and Furnify as a content creator (photography, text, art direction), Media Agent and PR Ambassador in the field. Both companies are pioneers in the world of sustainable and circular architecture, interior design and Impact Development. It is a great team of 70 people and 15 nationalities who have their base at the new hybrid venue location DB55.  I like to tell and share their meaningful stories about inspiring projects and initiatives like the Learning Landscapes method, the Beyond the Office concept, Healing Offices, circular- and hybrid building, Blended Use and Impact Development.


All initiatives with an aim to contribute

to a better and more joyful world!

book Learning Landscapes Design Method

Art Direction, Text + Photos 

 Due to the fact that educational systems are not easily captured in square meters, D/DOCK developed the Learning Landscapes design method. This method involves co-creation workshops with an interactive maquette tool to find new perspectives on an existing or new school building. Students, teachers, school-boards and other people involved create their ideal learning environment together. The result is a ‘design blueprint’ which functions as an optimal starting point towards a fully customized school design. As part of the LL team I organized workshops for school leaders 

The physical surrounding affects people’s way of learning just as much as the educational process does. We belief that the school building should not only support but especially strengthen the educational system. Time for a new vision on the learning environment ... interested?


To read more about the LL design method, TOTAL school concept and school projects by D/DOCK order

the Learning Landscapes E-book (English & Dutch) and follow us on Linked In.

World Real Estate Improver
Impact development

"Impact development is project development with the intention of having a positive and measurable impact on people and nature, embedded in a healthy financial model.

In this new form of project development, the cooperation between users and investors must be optimal in order to arrive at the best and most sustainable plan," says Thomas van Leeuwen, partner director of design and development agency D/DOCK. He sees a publication, positive trends in the real estate market."

Production & Interview

Article The Optimist

Circular Design as Standard

"Many companies and offices look at a new layout every five years. All too often the old furniture, carpet and lighting are replaced with new items, when they can usually last much longer when refurbished or reused. Sabrina van Dongen scours the city and country for the circular interior design company Furnify in search of second-hand pearls that can give an office or company in transformation new impetus.

Furnify was created in 2010 because parent company D/DOCK Design Studio called for change. They were increasingly surprised at how much furniture was thrown away when furnishing a new office and questioned the ease of people throwing furniture away just like that. That had to be done differently. Furnify has now grown into a multidisciplinary team around circular processes, so that the design team of D/DOCK Design Studio immediately includes circularity, sustainability and authenticity in its concept plans and makes the importance of this clear to the (potential) client."

Production & Interview

Article The Optimist

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